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4 Best Tips for Managing Weed Invasion in Your Garden

Weed invasion can be problematic in your garden because it can affect the health of your crops and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Also, weeds can encroach into your garden and yard, replacing or competing with native vegetation for light and nutrients. Homeowners should try to take care of the weed invasion problem so that native species can be preserved. Moreover, some weeds can be toxic to humans and animals and cause allergic reactions and irritations. An eco-friendly approach to managing the weeds is advisable as opposed to other methods that further endanger the ecosystem. Here are some few tips for gardeners to take care of the weed invasion problem.

Site Resilience -- Before you begin removing weeds from your garden, you should first determine if your garden can accommodate natural regeneration of native species after you have eliminated the weeds. Some weed removal methods, which use chemicals can destroy both the weeds and native plantings. Therefore, ensure that your soil can hold onto the seed bank of the native species, or you will be forced to plant afresh.

Determine the Dominant and Dangerous Weeds -- Some weeds are more dominant in your garden than others. Besides the dominance aspect, also rank the weeds based on their threat level to the native species. Some weed species are dominant but are not a major threat to the native species. Gardeners should know that removing such weeds can leave space for dangerous and invasive weeds to conquer the native plants. Consult a gardening or plant specialist to assess the species of weed that pose the major threat to your garden.   

Minimal Disturbance Is Key -- Weeds infest and thrive in gardens that have been highly disturbed by activities like uncovering the top soil using machinery. Be cautious when using garden machinery that can disturb the soil and humus. An eco-friendly method of weed removal is by hand because it does not encourage weeds to spread to other sites.

Soil Liners -- If you have established that the native species can regenerate, then soil liners can be ideal for managing weed invasion. Two approaches can be used in this regard. First, you can cover the entire site with the liner to starve the plants of light and, thus, photosynthesis, which is necessary for growth. The weeds will eventually die off, allowing other healthy plants to regenerate. Second, you can poke holes in the liner and introduce new native plantings through these holes. In both approaches, you will minimize the likelihood of the weeds eradicating native plants.       

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