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What All Business Owners Need to Know About Fire Warden Training for Their Company

While you have a multitude of responsibilities to take care of as a business owner, the safety of your employees and your commercial premises at large is one of the foremost obligations that you need to be on top of. And although there are many threats that your operations can face, fire safety should be at the top of your list. Admittedly, no laws are specifying that every business owner should designate the duties of a fire warden to one person. Nonetheless, as part of ensuring that you are taking the right measures for keeping your employees protected, appointing an individual to undergo fire warden training will be in the best interests of your staff and the company at large. Read on to learn what all business owners need to know about fire warden training for their company.

Who is a fire warden?

As implied by the name, a fire warden refers to a specific individual that is tasked with ensuring the safety of all individuals in the building in the event of the fire. However, contrary to popular belief, their responsibilities do not simply come into play during an emergency. In fact, a large chunk of this individual's responsibility is trying to mitigate the risk of a fire in the first place. For instance, part of fire warden training is learning how to come up with fire drills and execute them in the workplace, carry out inspections and testing of fire equipment, limit the threat of fire hazards by ensuring flammable and combustible materials are handled safely and so on. If a fire does occur on the premises, the fire warden will be responsible for safely evacuating employees, contacting emergency personnel, carrying out a roll call and writing up a report after the emergency has been resolved.

Do you need fire warden training when you run a small business?

A common misconception that your business owners have is presuming that fire warden training is solely beneficial for large companies but this is grossly untrue. The reality of the matter is that even a two-person outfit should have one individual undergo fire warden training. The reason why small business owners should not feel exempt from enrolling an employee into a fire warden training course is that the size of your business does not ensure you will not be facing an emergency. Hence, whether you run your operations out of one floor or from a multi-storey commercial property, fire warden training is a good idea for the safety of your workers.

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