Family energy efficieny

DIY in Asbestos-Contaminated Areas: Five Life Saving Tips

You love to do home improvement projects, and you want to tackle part of your home that you think may have asbestos in it. Before you start, be aware that asbestos can be a deadly substance that leads to mesothelioma, a rare but deadly form of cancer that affects the protective lining of your internal organs. Before you start removing anything with asbestos or working around any area that may have asbestos contamination, review the following tips – they may save your life: Read More 

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Family energy efficieny

Growing up my parents always yelled at me to get out of the shower quickly to save power. These days we have an eco-friendly set up in our house that has an endless hot water from a hot water system and I'm always looking at easy ways to save energy around the home. It's funny how these things go in cycles! Luckily for me my kids are also enthusiastic about preserving the environment and saving power so half the time it's actually by kids find new ways to preserve energy. We collect all of our tips on this site to help other families save energy as well.