Family energy efficieny

4 Best Tips for Managing Weed Invasion in Your Garden

Weed invasion can be problematic in your garden because it can affect the health of your crops and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Also, weeds can encroach into your garden and yard, replacing or competing with native vegetation for light and nutrients. Homeowners should try to take care of the weed invasion problem so that native species can be preserved. Moreover, some weeds can be toxic to humans and animals and cause allergic reactions and irritations. Read More 

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Family energy efficieny

Growing up my parents always yelled at me to get out of the shower quickly to save power. These days we have an eco-friendly set up in our house that has an endless hot water from a hot water system and I'm always looking at easy ways to save energy around the home. It's funny how these things go in cycles! Luckily for me my kids are also enthusiastic about preserving the environment and saving power so half the time it's actually by kids find new ways to preserve energy. We collect all of our tips on this site to help other families save energy as well.